Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

One in three unnatural deaths in SA is involves a vehicle

A study by the medical Research Council Council in 2013 shows driving to be the second biggest cause of deaths in South Africa. The study is based on 57 274 post mortems conducted in 45 mortuaries across South Africa.
A worrying trend to under-report the statistics has also emerged, with the mortuaries having  17 103 bodies of people who had died in crashes  during 2009, compared to the 13 768 road deaths according the police.
The study also showed that driving was potentially just 2,5% percentage points less dangerous than being murdered.
By the Murder is still the nr 1 cause of death in South Africa, with just over three in ten people (36,3%) dying thus. By comparison, road accidents causing 33,8%. Road accidents are however the single biggest cause of unnatural deaths among women at 42,6%.

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