Selasa, 02 April 2013

Four best tricks to save fuel

WITH the fuel price going up — again — more and more readers find themselves driving with the needle dangerously close to empty. And when the warning light comes on, the question everyone has is how far can you go before coming to a shuddering halt?

The analog generation (left) will find digital gauges (right) both confusing and strict when running on empty.
In the case of the left fuel gauge, you typically have at least five litres left in the tank. If the fuel gauge is digital mess like the one on the right, reserve means reserve and empty means empty.
Tricks to save fuel:
• don’t free-wheel, as the fuel injector shuts off while the car is in gear and you don’t step on the accelerator;
• limit fuel evaporation by parking in the shade and ensuring the cap seals tightly;
• don’t idle, switch off;
• ensure your tyres are inflated, harder is better; and
• keep the air filter clean.

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